Surprise Electrician - Meter Repair and Overhead Wiring

Wire CuttersEvery electrician has a specialty, something that he does better than any of his peers. In our case, we have two, repairing meters and installing overhead wiring. Both are in high demand for the same reason. They are necessities to anyone who is running a computer network in their office. Cables and wires usually need to be run over the heads of those working on computer terminals to make sure there aren’t any accidents from tripping over floor wires and conduits.  

Meters are sensitive electronic devices that measure everything from gas usage to water flow. The meters that we repair most often are those that measure the flow and power of electrical currents. We also repair and service industrial meters for automotive repair shops, electronics stores, and plumbing supply retailers. Meters are far more common than you think. If you search your home, you most likely have one that stopped working a while back which we could repair for you.

Evaluate Your Electrical Use Regularly With Surprise Electrical Service

Electrical meterThe term “overhead wiring” is thought by most to mean the wires going from telephone pole to telephone pole along the side of the street. Though these are indeed overhead wires, they are the property of utility companies and can only be worked on by their people. The wires that run from the pole to the building are also the property of the phone, cable, or electric company, so those are off limits too. 

From the junction box on the outside of the building to the appliance or computer network we install for you on the inside is where our territory lies. Much of this wiring is overhead, thusthe name. Our Surprise electricians have made this type of wiring our specialty because too many service professionals don’t stay up to date on which wires and cables to use for which networks and how to install them. We know. Call us and take advantage of that knowledge if you’re installing a new computer or phone network.