Services Offered By Our Electricians in Surprise

Home TheaterSurprise Electrical Services is a service provider of electrical repairs, installations and troubleshooting to the communities of Surprise, Scottsdale, Tempe, Sun City, and Peoria. We offer emergency assistance within our service area and general wiring services to commercial buildings throughout Greater Phoenix. For our residential clients, we provide a full range of electrician’s services including telephone and cable wiring, HVAC wiring and repair, and new construction or renovation assistance to contractors. 

If you are doing some work in the back yard or pool area and would like to add additional outlets or power boxes, we are available to do that also. Our Surprise electricians have been a part of some of the most breathtaking exterior landscape design projects here in the Valley in the past ten years. Lighting for pool interiors, yard exteriors, and outdoor kitchens is something that we have become the area experts on. 

Affordable yet Superior Suprise Electrical Services

Inside the home, a Surprise electrician can assist you by installing appliances and putting in additional plugs and wiring when needed. We repair and troubleshoot for both residential and commercial structures, and we are experts in the installation and repair of smoke and fire detection systems. Safety is the number one concern for all of our customers, and part of that safety is an efficient early warning system that will work when it counts the most, during a fire. 

Two light switchesIf you are planning on building an addition or renovating one of the rooms in your home, make sure you give us a call and ask for a free quote. We’ve worked with most of the building contractors in Greater Phoenix and we’re happy to provide you with a licensed and insured Surprise electrician for any project you might be looking to undertake. We can also assist you in the planning stage and share our experience with obtaining permits and licenses for the type of building construction you want to do.